How Valentine’s Day Originated!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that and Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”, may be just a saying of Martin Luther King Jr. but if we try to understand the gist of these lines then we can understand the importance and existence of it. Love the unseen life blood which keeps tied all of us to each other. You can name it like relationship with any individual like Parental-Love, Brotherly-love, Soul-love, Self-love etc.

Valentines Day

There is one more love exists which matters most due to higher feeling of passion, attraction, care and respect in it, Romantic Love. Love between opposite sex which creates profoundly tender passionate affection for another person, sexual desire and feeling or warm personal attachment or deep affection.

As we announce a day for every historic incident or story or in memory of legends, likewise 14th February of every year observe as th day of February, millions across the world present their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates, and such other Valentine’s Day gifts. Now-a-days it exaggerating as craze among youngsters to date with their love or singles finds dates to celebrate this day in romantic manner. Originally it is considered as occasion to celebrate all beautiful relationships to showcase your feeling and emotions which represents love.

Story begins with medieval period when a Saint named Valentinus performs weddings of Roman soldiers, which was forbidden by the Roman Empire. For violating law he was thrown into the jail where he was asked to heal daughter of the jailer. And unwillingly they fell in love with each other. Before execution he wrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell. Then a day named in his memory Saint Valentine’s Day to greet and respect the Love and Lovers.

Presents to valentine are not only tokens of love but to express care by cherishing his most favorite thing as gift with wearing off your love. This not only lure some in-trend gifts like Chocolate cakes in fancy heart shaped boxes, beautiful bouquets of flowers, glaring cards with inscribed poetry or costly diamond ring or trip to any exotic, fascinating place or dinner over restaurant but expresses your feeling toward your valentine by offering liking article. Insecurely afford expensive gifts neither relieves the giver from expressing love personally, nor does it relieve the recipient from returning such love personally.

Gradually now this day is emerging as a commercial festival with the increasing popularity every year. In the race of dating actual love diminished out somewhere. Few moments of fun and desire blurred the alabaster whiteness of soul-mate.

Anyways we cannot get rid of this word and always mean most which garnishes our life with fragrances and shows easy way in hardships that is why someone said a universal truth “Amor Vincit Ommnia” means “Love Conquers All”!