4 Cons Of Rooting Your Android Device

Android devices are famed for its never ending customization options. The latest and popular buzz is android rooting. The major disadvantage of rooting is bricking the phone. Bricking means the phone remains like a brick, carrying no functionalities! However, this problem is now solved with new software. There are many reasons that why you can root your android device, but there are still some valid reasons not to root your device. Why should you not root the device?

Android Rooting Cons

Android Rooting Cons

No More Warranty!

The first thing that you won’t be able to enjoy with the rooted device is the warranty! Whether it is a brand new phone purchased a day ago or a phone used for six months, rooting the phone voids warranty.

This is a greater risk for those who root their brand new phones. Manufacturers, who are against rooting the device, modifying the hardware and inbuilt software, are not interested to honour the warranty claims made on the rooted device.

While many android phones are quite cheap, voiding warranty is not recommended by expensive android phones, like smartphones, tablets, etc. Users can root their android device after the expiry of warranty.

Unrooted device is also better

Android rooting appeared very fancy in the initial period of introduction. However, the reasons that invites android users to root the device is less appealing. Many functions that were possible using the apps in the rooted device is also made possible in the unrooted device. For instance, data backup! Now, data backup is quite possible without using the special apps available for rooted device.

Also, the updates in the technology and exciting inventions make the android devices highly functional, which eliminate the reason to root the device. For instance, increase the speed of the device, advanced mobile processors, etc.

Rooting is neither easy nor trouble free

Rooting has its own pros and cons. The major disadvantage of rooting is the very straightforward process!

Already, we have seen that rooting may brick your device, make it completely useless!

While rooting may be simple with using right procedures, the beginners find it very difficult to deal with the rooted device. When you make your phone a brick due to inappropriate processes, you have the firmware flash program to unbrick the phone and make it usable. However, using this program is not an easy task and it makes your phone exposed to more downtime.

Also, there is no assurance that rooting will not harm the device. It is just blindly believed by the rooted users that apps downloaded after rooting the device will not harm trusting the developers. It has no assurance that there is no mean backdoor to the apps used in the devices. There are many apps that carry unknown risks attached when rooting the device.

Issues related to updates

Updates of existing apps and other inbuilt software may experience the troubles in the rooted devices. Updating the device is likely to remove the root and the users have to root their phones again, which is risky always. And in many instance, update were failed due to modifications in the software.

Should I root my device or not? You have to decide considering the pros and cons.