Soundcloud Platform – Music Is Not The Only Audio File Possible

In a very short period of time, Soundcloud has become an impressing source of music, especially due to the music bands that use to upload their new songs before releasing their new albums. But Soundcloud audio plays do not refer to music only. When you say audio files, you have to think more than just music.

Audio files can mean talk shows, audio books, podcasts, news, sports comments, etc. This is what the Soundcloud website meant to do: to let every person who has something to say to express his thoughts, feelings, and frustration with the world through one or more audio files. So, when you visit the Soundcloud platform, you will find more audio files than just music.

SoundCloud Music

Audio Books

Who does not love audio books? You all know there are many people who do not like to read, but love to listen to stories that other people say. Psychologists say about these people that they learn easily from things they hear than things they see, or read. Every teenager is happy to be able to listen to an audio book with the novel they have to study at school instead of spending time reading it. Every parent wants his child to have access to the fantasy world created by novel and stories. Audio books are one of the most popular Soundcloud audio plays, and the people registered with this website are happy to upload stories that they read out laud or listen to stories which are already uploaded.

News and Politics

Wanting to be in the loop with everything that happens around you is a requirement which nature puts in your blood. You want to know about what is new in your city, or in your country, or in a certain field, or with a certain person you love. There are hundreds of people who are interested in the same things as you are, but who has the time to podcast them. Finding out what you are interested in is much easier with Soundcloud audio plays that feature news and politics. Click on the news you want to hear and you will have all the details in no time.


If you had a bad day and you need something to make yourself laugh, the entertainment feature of Soundcloud audio plays is exactly what you could do with. People talented at making other people laugh record themselves telling jokes, or making stand-up comedy, or imitating someone famous and upload these audio files on the Soundcloud music platform. Just sit in front of your computer, open the Soundcloud app, and listen to something funny to relax yourself instantly.


As technology is part of our lives now, it is always important to know what is new and how it works. For all the high-tech passionate people, Soundcloud audio plays have a section dedicated to technology. Here, people can upload their recordings with audio reviews of devices that they have tried, or used. These reviews can prove to be useful to other people who want to purchase such devices, but have second thoughts.