Best Gaming Laptops Of Year 2011

During this year, different developers have designed special laptops, which can finally satisfy those people who are looking for devices that come along with cutting-edge features. Most laptops make the instalment of games and complex applications much easier than ever before, being able to support even the very heavy games.

You are able to find a few edifying reviews that belong to different users who wanted to share their opinions with regard to the gaming laptops of 2011. You can also find more lists at Top Six List.

Best Gaming Laptops 2011

Dell Studio XPS 1640

Amongst many highly-developed laptops we can find the Dell Studio XPS 1640. This laptop is hitting the world as many people consider the Dell brand as one of the best competitors on the globe. The laptop is assigned with some features that are very supportive for playing games. The LCD display of the laptop is almost of 16 inches, which allow users to view all the animations in the game.

Xplorer X7-8500

Another such laptop is the Xplorer X7-8500. This laptop has an astonishing and appealing look. The LCD screen is large enough – up to 17 inches – ensuring a truly cool appearance. Moreover, the large screen is ideal for playing games. The system has a video memory up to 1.5 GB and the processor type is i7-740QM.

Acer Aspire AS8943G – 6782

In addition to the aforementioned devices, you can also find the Acer Aspire AS8943G – 6782, which is famous especially for its sophisticated outlook. This system is rocking the business markets as it constitutes very high power. It comes along with an LCD screen of 18 inches, a hard drive of 500 GB, and video memory up to 1GB.

MSI GX740 – 235US

Furthermore, another great laptop is the MSI GX740 – 235US, which has just started the competition in the market. This system presents some incredible features that can easily satisfy the desires of numerous users. This laptop that is highly preferred for gaming purpose. It lies in the 7th position in the ranking list of gaming systems.

Asus Republic of Gamers G53JW

The Asus Republic of Gamers G53JW is the laptop that provides a huge memory. The LCD display is of 15.6 inches, which enhances the entire system that delivers all the basic and advance features and capabilities. The CPU of the system is of 1.7 GHz Intel core i7 740QM. The laptop constitutes huge memory.

Clevo X7200

There is another famous laptop which comes these days under the name Clevo X7200. This device currently occupies the 5th position on the ranking list of the systems that are having marvellous configurations. The LCD display is of 17 inches, conferring at the same time a fine glossy outlook.

Alien Ware M17x

The next famous laptop is the Alien Ware M17x, coming embedded with different features. It is termed as one of the hottest laptops since it responds to a high demand on the market. It is rocking the world for gaming purpose. Its channel memory comes in addition to its video capabilities and system memory.

Qosmio X505 – Q 896

The Qosmio X505 – Q 896 is embedded with all the essential features that are important for supporting the heavy software of different games. It presents the right features that can easily support discrete graphic systems. Its processor is i7-740 QM. The LCD display is very wide.

iBuypower Battalion 101 X8100 – U3

The iBuypower Battalion 101 X8100 – U3 is the laptop that highlights the second position on the list of the most amazing gaming laptops. This is the most wanted product in the market. The LCD is about 18 inches and the hard drive presents a massive construction which occupies a lot of space.

MSI GT660r – 004US

The MSI GT660r – 004US is the laptop that presents the best features, being the one that occupies the first position among the gaming laptops. This system has a completely equipped machine which enables you to play all the games with advance graphics. MSI GT600r – 004US has outlasted all the other competitors in the market.