What You Should Know About Mehendi Designs

World cultures and traditions are amazing. People who are well travelled can attest to this fact. If you travel to a country like India, or Pakistan, you will come across women who have beautiful floral motifs on their hands and legs. These are called Mehendi designs. Do you live in a country that has Arabic or Indian ethnicities? Chances are that their women draw these designs on their feet and hands. Just a quick Google search would return multiple photos of freshly decorated hands and feet of beautiful ladies from the Asian origin. Designs are made with henna.

Mehendi Designs

How henna is applied on skin

If you view photos of decorated hands and feet, you will be amazed at how talented Mehendi designers are. Flowery and circular motifs are draw so beautifully and without a single slipup. They use a plastic cone or even a paint brush. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, freshly painted areas will begin to dry and crack. In this moment, the designer will add a blend of white sugar and lemon juice to the henna designs. This is done professionally in order to keep the Mehendi paste hydrated and darker. This step can be skipped if the person being painted on does not want the sticky effect created by lemon and sugar syrup. Instead, the designer can add another coat of henna to the motif.

How long does Mehendi design last?

The design is normally kept overnight or for three to six hours. Then it is removed by rubbing with fingers. After the removal, the natural Mehndi design appears pale to dark orange. Then it slowly darkens in oneto three days. The final design is usually reddish brown and can last on the painted body skin for seven to twenty-one days. The longer lasting patterns are made with high quality henna paste.

Can I draw Mehendi patterns on my skin?

A novice person who is not afraid to experiment can try to draw their skin. However, if you want to be drawn so you can attend a wedding or any other cultural event, it would be better to find a professional Mehendi designer. He or she can produce lovelier and accurate patterns than you.

Which design can I choose?

It depends on what the occasion is. If you are just a young person looking to move with the times, there are lovely Mehendi designs created just for the young and bubbly. The same case applies to would-be brides, kids or foreign ladies looking to copy the traditions of the Asian communities. Designs for kids are rare although simpler looking motifs will look nice on them. Ladies, older and younger, have so many options that it will be impossible to exhaust them. This is particularly when looking among Indian Mehendi art.

Try Honey And Almond Oil Mixture To Control Sore Throat

Talking about the alternative treatments and control measures makes a person happy especially if he doesn’t like to use drugs for the control of Sore Throat. This prominent infection has made a place in the world today. People face this infection frequently at least once in the life. Is it possible to control it? Yes, it is possible to control this infection. Multiple practices and strategies are used to make the Sore Throat vanished completely from the throat. You are suggested to consider the alternative treatments especially if recommended by the health experts.

Sore Throat Natural Remedy

Why Alternative Treatments?

Actually, these treatments are easier as well as affordable. No doubt there are questions about the working efficiency of these treatments but it doesn’t mean that you will not give a try. Most of the people have obtained temporary as well as complete control with the help of this option. Try it if you have used multiple drugs and medicines to control the infection. Asking questions is a good habit but it must be logical.

Those who are interested to use the certified treatments should focus on FDA. This health agency is helping the people to identify the useful medical practices and treatments. This health service is also conducting experiments and surveys to find different practices and products really giving some control against the infections, especially sore throat.

Try Honey with Almond Oil:

This is a pure home based remedy. Honey and almond oil is very common and these items are easily available in the markets. You don’t need to find them in specialty stores. Just visit the nearest departmental store and you will get honey and almond oil. Always prefer the good quality products. Bring these things at home. Put some honey in a vessel and leave it for 5 minutes.

After the settlement, put two teaspoons of almond oil and stir it gently. You have to mix the oil in honey in order to make an ointment. Usually, the ointments are used externally but this special mixture can be ingested. Try to rub it in the throat in order to make a layer.

Control the Heartburn:

Honey is known as a best digestive element. It will give sudden control after reaching the target site. Honey is also used to treat the digestive issues. It has been identified that honey with almond oil helps to reduce the acidity in the stomach. It is a direct method to control the heartburn. You don’t need drugs if using this mixture properly in a regular routine. On the other hand, this mixture is also helpful to give a soothing effect. It reduces the burning effect and sensation. The almond oil makes it easy for the patients to swallow foods without pain.